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August 16, 2016
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September 2, 2016

Many things can happen in an environment like the mountains. Skiers of mountains like the Swiss Alps know that special measures need to be made to ensure their safety, and because of new wireless RF technology, skiers in the Alps now have an extra safety measure in place.

SemTech corporation, a leading supplier of high-quality analog and mixed-signal semiconductor products, announced that TalkPool and Wuerth ITensis will be deploying a ski tracker solution using Semtech LoRa Wireless RF technology to monitor skiing students on the slopes of the Swiss Alps in the upcoming ski season.

Using a low power network in the area to embed sensors in the SemTech technology, these trackers will transfer a ski student’s location to an app on the ski instructor’s phone. This will allow an instructor to get to any student who may be lost.

For more information, read this article written by SemTech Corporation.

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