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August 19, 2016
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September 13, 2016

The FCC released a statement 24 hours after the conclusion of Stage 1 of the Spectrum Auction that pushed the date for Stage 2 to Sept. 13 and lowered the spectrum clearing target by 12 MHz. This will cause the auction to proceed at a slower rate than expected.

The statement also released that the bidding phase would begin on the “next business day after the close of bidding in Stage 2 of the reverse auction.”  At least this, coupled with the speed with which officials released the statement, means there is no delay in administration efforts to fix the problems that occurred in Stage 1.

In addition, the FCC has prepared a tutorial for Stage 2 participants that was released online Thursday, Sept. 1, on the Auction 1001 website under “Education.”

Keeping auction applications up to date and filing any necessary amendments to those application within five days of a “significant occurrence” is important for auction participants. FCC officials will not want to mess with delays in paperwork.

With the spectrum auction expectations being lowered at each stage of the auction, many would be saddened by the less than economic results. However, this may just mean that people are beginning to realize that the broadcast spectrum is already working to its fullest potential. Here’s to hoping the future of the spectrum will include a decrease in rules and regulations.

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