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February 12, 2019
TVN Tech | At 2020 Conventions, Less Spectrum For TV
December 6, 2019

Every four years, somewhere in the world, Horses and their humans gather for the World Equestrian Games. For 2018, the world equestrian community descended on Tyron North Carolina with a Hurricane on the way.  The Tryon Equestrian Resort took on the tough challenge at the last hour of creating and hosting a world class event after the original host could not get it together.  But that was not the only hurdle!  The week of the event, a hurricane decided to visit the East coast threatening to reek havoc on the world’s premiere horse event.  Broad-Comm assisted the world media and the many equestrian teams coordinate their wireless broadcast and training systems. So what if there is a bit of wind! See more pictures.

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