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Security Technology

In today’s mobile environment, secured communications are vital to corporate success, but also to any security operation. Because of the advent of the “virtual workplace,” without proper security, a tremendous amount of proprietary data flows freely around the globe. With off-the-shelf devices having the capability to interfere with an entire communications network, competitors are no longer the main source of concern. Today an irate employee can do a tremendous amount of damage to a corporate network, a sports fan can shut down electronic ticketing scanners at sporting events, and communication enthusiasts can wreak havoc simply by not understanding how to use their equipment.

No financial institution can afford to risk downtime on their interoffice microwave links, nor should they be risking intercepts of that data. This applies to university campuses, research institutes, and medical centers to name but a few organizations that require secure communications.

Security personnel communications are paramount in implementing a successful plan. If you cannot communicate with your posts and details because of outside interference, months of planning are wasted. When a large event needs to be hardened down, you don’t issue instructions over an open channel. From a two person personal security detail to a large scale event involving thousands of logistical issues, secure communications are a must.

Broad Comm has experience working domestically and internationally with the US Department of State, Department of Defense, FBI, Secret Service, and other agencies dedicated to providing the highest quality security using secured communications. Having run communications for multiple Olympic Games, SuperBowls, Political Conventions, and other large events, Broad Comm understands the need for a secure method of communication and can provide a customized solution based on your particular needs.


Cyber Security Monitoring, Prevention & Mitigation Services

Broad Comm’s Cyber Security Division is considered a worldwide leader in the cyber security field. All the employees of the company are “White-Hat” hackers, highly trained in security information, i.e. complete protection organizations’ sites from cyber-attacks. Broad Comm Cyber Security offers many services in the field of cyber security and provides a “one stop shop” in this arena, such as:

  • Vulnerability / Security Management
  • Network Audits / Technology Assessment
  • Inventory of IT Assets
  • Firewall Configuration & Management
  • Antivirus, Antispyware, Antispam Solutions
  • Content Filtering
  • External Vulnerability Check-up

The Broad Comm Cyber Security Team

We believe the company’s most important resources are its people; therefore our team includes the most talented and leading employees, each in their field.

  • Penetration testers, verification specialists
  • Across the board system experts
  • Software and Architecture experts
  • Application security experts
  • Work procedures and management security
  • Pre-emptive hacking experts