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August 12, 2016
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Watching either the Democratic National Convention or the Republican National Convention, one could tell there was a lot going on both inside and outside on the surrounding blocks. Invisible to the naked eye, however, the spectrum frequencies used by the convention employees, reporters, local emergency officers, federal agencies, and general public through wireless walkie talkies, in-ear mics, and smart phones went unnoticed.

Louis-Libin-Group-WEBOperating in the same spectrum, communication devices all need to be assigned to different channels within the spectrum so that they do not interfere with each other and stop working. This can get complicated with the amount of frequencies needed, but Broad Comm was on site to bring the spectrum into a controlled chaos. That’s not the only complication, though.

The environment of the spectrum changes constantly in the convention halls. The intricate channel assignments that help true one day may not work again the next. This is where Broad Comm has to work its magic. A pre-planned list has to be made of the make, model, power frequency band, and quantities of all the equipment. This list is in the thousands for political conventions.Group-2-WEB

This is why Broad Comm was charged with handling the spectrum at both conventions. Broad Comm was the official broadcast frequency coordinator. Each news outlet and other official communications team had to approve their equipment with us.

“I have coordinated the last six presidential conventions.” Broad Comm Director Louis Libin said in an interview. “Regardless of who becomes the next president we will be in DC for his or her inauguration, doing the same thing for the swearing in, the parade route, and the inaugural balls!”

The FCC has recognized Broad Comm’s proficiency, and Broad Comm is happy to share this with them and our clients.

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