Debunking a Few Myths about the FCC’s Incentive Auction
August 8, 2016

This is an excerpt from an article originally written by Ray Bernard from Security Info Watch, a source of news for security technology.

Although cloud computing is not new, it is still evolving. Cloud computing—along with across-the-board information technology advances—is driving massive change in the ways that people, businesses, and governments interact, and the way that organizations operate.

Cloud-based systems are changing the expectations that people and organizations have for technology, including security technology.

When asked, at the 2014 Gartner Data Center Conference in December 2014, about the effects of digital disruption on General Electric, Chris Drumgoole, chief operating officer of GE’s cloud division, said, [mk_blockquote style=”quote-style” font_family=”none” text_size=”12″ align=”left”]“There is really not a single thing that we do in IT, today, that we’ll do the same way two years from now. I struggle to name a single process within our organization that isn’t going to change dramatically over the next two years or three years.”[/mk_blockquote]

Drumgoole also said, in a 2014 InfoWorld interview, “We really believe that the world is changing from engineered-systems to an integrated-systems world, where the component is no longer the most important piece. It’s around systemic behavior, where systems exist to serve apps.”

Read the full article here.

With the constant changes occurring in the technical world, businesses and corporations, like governments, must be prepared for any and all new threats. Broad Comm is here to provide support through all the new advances in security technology. Prevention is extremely important in ensuring the safety of a business, as is versatility and mobility.

Broad Comm has the skills and resources necessary to consistently fight the ever changing technology and individuals operating it that would like to see a business or government fall.

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