Major Event Design and RF Coordination
chaotic complexity into organized simplicity
Security Technology
In today's mobile environment, secured communications are vital to corporate success, but also to any security operation; with the advent of the "virtual workplace", without...

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Broad Comm provides solutions for the communications industry that are famous for their ease of implementation, technological innovation, as well as the ability to turn chaotic complexity into organized simplicity. Drawing on decades of experience by the executive team, retired FCC commissioners, and its Operations and Technology staff, Broad Comm is confident that its scope of communications services goes unrivaled. Rooted in traditional broadcast methods, Broad Comm has managed to maintain eminence in its sector, and at the same time emerge as a leader in wireless technologies ranging from UHF handhelds all the way to satellite design.

With a client roster resembling a who’s who of the Fortune 500, Broad Comm has been approached for help in news gathering, construction of broadcast facilities, large event production, and security related topics, as well as countless other issues. Today at large sporting events, or other spectrum intensive events, the Broad Comm coordination equipment decals are seen as an indicator of an event coordinated and produced to the highest standards.

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