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The Broad Comm Cyber Security Services are divided to 4 main sections:

Hackers Penetration Assesment
Intelligence and Forensics
Site Security Survey
Cyber Security Product Solutions

Hackers’ Penetration Assessment

Broad Comm can provide you with samples of damage to systems, computerized production processes, mail servers which affect e-mail messages within and without the organization.


Intelligence and Forensic

  • Online underground intelligence regarding groups attacking your organization.
  • Intelligence regarding the places/target (banks) are going to be hit by a cyber-attack.
  • Data that was leaked during these cyber-attacks.
  • Background information on these groups.
  • Forensic on a specific computer / server.

Site Security Survey

We will study your company and evaluate all the security problems you have regarding your IT design.

  • Are your servers well configured and cannot be penetrated.
  • Is your network equipment well configured?
  • Are your employees well aware the risks and needs to be tutored?
  • Did you configure your organization permissions well or did you give too much (windows, Unix, linux, sql, oracle, sap)?
  • Where are your problems in the aspects of physical security?
  • Are you protected against social engineering attacks?
  • We establish Control Rooms – NOC centers, which monitor 24/7/365 the servers and end user computers. They give you the ability to control and protect your whole computer system. Such control rooms are usual in large organizations, such as NASA.
  • We establish a complete DRP site including virtualization VM/MS, which backs up all data and applications around the clock in a different, safe and secure location.

Cyber Security Products Solutions

As a cyber-security company, we will choose the best security products our clients need according to the world biggest threats. Before we choose a security product, our PT team tests it and all vulnerabilities are fixed and optimized. Our team is extremely well qualified with the product integration and with the “after integration” employee training

Protect Your Files

Every one of us produces many files during our regular day at work. If I wrote a “word” document and sent it to my friend, I have no way to know what happened with it, did he sent it to someone else? This new product will ensure a protection on every file so even if my friend will send it to someone else, he can’t open it. No matter where my file is located in the world, an authentication is required.

Anti Doss/Anti Attacks

Every company has a web site. Every company invests money to protect the website using all kind of security tools like WAF (web application firewall), proxy, fw and so on. Every security product has many holes (every few days a new hole appears) and none of these products provide protection against all attacks. Our brand new technology provides new kind of “weapon” that protects the website 100% from every applicable new threat.

Smart Phone Protection

The smart phone is a mini pc in our hands, we use all day long, we all need it for our job. Literally every day a new threat emerges and leaves our smartphone hopeless against data theft and Trojan horses. Our unique technology protects the smartphones online against every threat there is.


You lose every time, can’t win, malware are the new ongoing scary threat. Trojan horses, key loggers, sniffers, zombies and many more are all threatening. Our unique technology enables you to identify them when no one else can.